It’s already here! Are you using it.

For years, the flea market has operated the same way—vendors setting up any number of products they have and buyers walking by, either searching for something specific or happening to come on something that catches their eye. While the experience can be fun, it can also be a tedious process of shopping “hide and seek” for both the vendors and buyers.

We are changing the flea market process by bringing the internet into the picture to enhance the flea market experience. I have been a flea market vendor since 2007; I love selling things that catch my eye. I also understand the frustration standing by my station and watching people walk by, not knowing the value of what I have to sell, or even the difficulty of people asking me for something specific, only to tell them that I had it last week or I just sold it the hour before. I wanted a way to bring shoppers who knew the value of my products directly to my booth.

FleaMarketPro provides a medium for vendors to create their own online database of products and gives shoppers a singular website to search for and find what they are looking for. FleaMarketPro does not replace the flea market experience, but rather connects shoppers and vendors online so shoppers can easily find exactly where a vendor is located. Vendors simply subscribe to the website and then upload pictures of their products as they have them available. Their market and booth numbers are easily seen to provide shoppers with their location. Shoppers then go to FleaMarketPro and search for or browse products or locations to be able to visit for purchases. 

The more people who know that you have a particular item. Gives that item more value. 

So the technology is here. Are you going to take it vantage of it. Or to continue like the very first flea market in 1840 and just set up and hope people come by. 

 I hope this was helpful. I’d like to encourage you to follow me. Because I will be adding more about technology in the flea market, and the advantages of it.