FleaMarketPro versus selling on social media.
Are you a flea market vendor or someone who goes to the fleamarkets? Do you use social media sites to sell or look for that something special?If you are one of the two and you want to increase your sales, or  be the first to find that special item. You will won’t to continue reading this short post.
FleaMarketPro is free.  Social media marketplace is free.
Which one is the best?
Social media is not your best option for selling or finding products.

Here’s why!


You post a item and hope someone will see it or people will be looking for the item.


The truth about social media is that it covers a wide range of areas. You can post in multiple market places. But it’s not guaranteed that your post will be seen. This is due to the fact that posts get pushed down in the queue.


At FleaMarketPro you are adding your products to your own profile. Your profile is linked to the venue market or antique shop that you are currently working out of. You can change your venue options when you move to another market. You do not get moved down in a queue. All of the vendors are in the marketplace listed in  the flea markets or shops, they are working out of .

A shopper can do a search for a particular product or they can follow a vendor if they choose. No more posting at specific times in hopes that shoppers will see post.

Fancy post and new products.

With FleaMarketPro you go straight to the products you are looking for. With other sites you get fancy post or pushed to new product. Shoppers get distracted from what they are looking for. You know this happens. It happens to me.  I’m sure it happens to you. With FleaMarketPro it’s all about the vendors products and what you are looking for.

FleaMarketPro versus the worst part of social media.

The meet up! Will they show. Or will they not. Trying to create a meeting place and time can be a hassle. With FleaMarketpro the shoppers are there, and the seller are there. It’s all about selling and buying at the flea market. Of course you can contact the seller via text or email. Transaction takes place at the flea market or shops.

The best of FleaMarketPro versus social media.

When you’re standing in a flea market, what do people have in their hand and what are they doing? They’re on their phone. That is whats  great about FleaMarketPro. You can stand in the middle of a market that you are at, and search for products or vendors. Social media markets are not singular in a search. You would have to find a particular vendor or a particular video that represents the total market. Then you have to find

the item within their promotional video or post.

With FleaMarketPro all markets are easy to find listed by state and city. FleamarketPro has over 43 categories an is currently adding more categories to search from.

FleaMarketpro also has management category, event category, and concession stand category. These are reserved for the management and concession stand owners.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. I’d like to encourage you to follow me. I will be adding more about technology in the flea market, and the advantages of using FleaMarketPro.


Louis Johnson

CEO & Founder of