Name: Westland Flea Market

Address: 4170 West Broad Street

Market Phone: 614-272-5678

Market Manager:


We are located just East of I-270, Across the street from the Westland Mall, Around the corner from the NEW Hollywood Casino.

We are open year round Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 10AM-7PM, w/ Extended hours at christmas time.

We have 300 booths inside (150 Vendors), and 80 Vendors outside on a good weather day.

We have 2500-3500 shoppers on a good day that come through and see us.

There is no parking fee and no admission fee for the shoppers.

Vendor rentals start at $34 for an 8×8 booth on the inside for the weekend, and $16 per space per day on the outside.

We have an onsite snack bar with a side selection of menu choices for you to choose from. We also have a FyFy the Mexican Food Vendor right out side the building selling all her goodies on the taco truck. We have the dining room for you to rest while you enjoy your meals and snacks, and 3 sets of rest rooms located on the East/West/North sides of the building.

Dont forget to check out our website for more information, or if you have questions or need more details about the market. Also dont forget to check out our Flealeess Market Located inside the Westland Flea Market, Its like a consignment shop, or a smaller flea market where we sell the vendors merchendise for them.