Name: Bedford Avenue Flea Market

Address: 999 Bedford Avenue

Market Phone: 718-230-3139

Market Manager:


The Bedford Avenue Flea Market�s mission is to be a destination for shopping enthuse; the art and culture conscious New Yorker and the savvy tourist. In addition to the market the venue will host free and ticketed events; including but not limited to live auctions, live music, open mics, poetry reading, book signings, fashion shows, and revolving art shows.

Why? Because, we believe that part of our job is to �keep you guessing� not just sell things to you. We don�t just want you to buy things at our market; what we want is to explore life, art, culture, and the human experience with you through creative things. Whether these this are jeweled earring, embellished tee shirts, vibrantly quilted pillow cases, an oil painting or a hat; they nevertheless express a place in time that an artist wants to share with you. Then you in turn have the opportunity to take it home and share that moment with others.

The market will be open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays beginning November 2008.