Name: 1st Avenue Mini Market

Address: 1213 S Oates

Market Phone: 770 601 8383

Market Manager:


The newest and most exotic flea market in Dothan, AL. We are growing Fast with new vendors, outside yard sellers, Rain or shine we have 10,000 square ft building full of unique items, collectibles, jewelry, bicycles, what knots, furniture, lawn furniture, glassware, VCR�s, DVD’s, Tapes, cassettes, LP’s, natural products, Shea butter, natural types oils, soaps, incense, Alkaline Water, Artwork and “designer� Will Western” features “Gully Art” Only sold here and posters, We have a great selection of college & pro. Sports jerseys, School uniforms, shoes, dress ware, the latest fashion �new stonewash jeans, leggings, Designer style purses, and so much more.
Have you seen the 4-wheel, 4 seat electric motorize bicycles? We Have them too! Plus a
ASE certify mechanic for auto repair; �Casper Auto Service� is on site.

Coming soon Dots cooking & the best tasting food ever.
Craft Shows, �Events features and only for hand made crafter�.
Furniture store, with unique water fountains and Christian products .

Bring, Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, and children. We have something for everyone.

Hours Tue-Sat. 9am — 6pm.
Saturdays, we open 8:30 — 6pm.
1213 S Oates, Dothan AL �Directly across from Dothan High School�.