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For flea market shoppers, FleaMarketPro offers you the opportunity to find the products you are looking for. Our search engine lets you search local flea markets or expand your search to include flea markets outside of your area. Look through product pictures from vendors to find exactly what you want so you can travel directly to the vendor and make a purchase.

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The difference between FleaMarketPro and other sell sites. FleaMarketPro connects you with potential customers that are already at the flea market or will be there. Opposed to dealing with customers that may or may not meet with you to pick up an item. Dealing with these type of customers takes time and money. Dealing with flea market customers who are already there or will soon be there is relatively easy. You already have invested your time in setting up and paying for your spot. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your own profile and Info Ad to promote to shoppers before or while they are at the flea market.


For decades, flea market vendors have set up their stands and sold to whomever walked by, restricted by their location and the select buyers who were in that area. FleaMarketPro changes that. We offer a website where you can post your product pictures, and buyers who want what you sell can travel directly to you. You don’t have to worry about selling online and all the difficulties that come with that; you can post what you have, and people will come to you to buy. We aren’t changing the flea market (because we still love talking with people face-to-face!), we’re just changing the reach you can have by helping buyers find you and your stand.

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Start learning the advantages of using FleaMarketPro. Reach out to current shoppers at your flea market and let them know that you can be found on FleaMarketPro. Learn the advantages of FleaMarketPro, and start creating a following. Now shoppers can see where you are and what you have. Start treating your flea market business as a business.

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Don’t have an unprofitable day at the flea market. Use FleaMarketPro as a tool. Let people know the market you are at, and the products you have


  • Join together with like minded vendors to bring shoppers to your flea market.
  • Add links on social media that go directly to your vendor page and showcase your products.
  • One-click change your flea market location, and all of your ads “move” to the new location.
  • Don’t wait for people to walk by to see what you have.
  • Don’t depend on the flea market to advertise … take control of your business.
  • Create a unique profile name today!

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Have a FleaMarketPro promotion at your flea market. Help your vendors exposure and increase yours as well. Go from having one Social media page to hundreds of social media pages promoting your flea market and their products. Vendors are able to share their information on social media through FleaMarketPro.